Critical thinking

The evolution claims our capacity to think, everyday science increase important knowledges, some of them that we all ignore, but they are connected with us, they affect you direct and indirectly. So start thinking, start questioning reality, the things you are meant to do.

¡We weren’t meant to do anything!

Have you ever question yourself, why I have to do that?

If I don’t need it. If I never approve that.

Think about your rights, the first time you got a job and you felt vulnerable or sad. And then, you asked yourself what I did to deserve this? I’m a honorable person, Why this reality is so unfair?

Stop letting the waters move you; think, if you don’t think and make something now, others are gonna think for you, so please, don’t let things happen, start questioning reality.

One teacher always said to me:

“Live your life and don’t let life live you”.  

With appreciation dear reader, colleague to colleague.



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