Stay strong

You will get through it

I wanna share this with you guys because It was exactly what I would like to tell to my younger self when I was so damn wasted!
Seriously, you need to know that everything is gonna be alright. So, don’t worry so much, please. You deserve to be happy and you will be.

We all have to face something like a broken heart, temporal sadness or feeling completely lost even knowing you are exactly in the same place you have always been. That isn’t for ever. Suddenly, beautiful things come to your life again.

Not today, not tomorrow but maybe one day (the least expected) you will wake up feeling different, thinking different and suddenly you will feel free again. And that pain will never be again in your heart. Trust me. That day will come.

I know you will make it. Trust me.

It’s important you know it.

You think you won’t but yes, you will.

I have been there before. You are not alone.



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